This is the place to be! You get to be where you wanna be, and you’ll still be with us
Come be part of our community and join the TOP 1% of the market.
In the last few years we grew more than 600% and we achieved more than 15.000 hours outsourced.
The SevenApps’ code
As they say, be swift as thunder that rumbles before there is time to cover your ears, and swift as lightning that flashes before there is time to blink.
Quote from the book "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu
Why do the developers choose to work in SevenApps?
Work from wherever you want and be part of a community
Salary review every 6 months to keep you ahead of the market
We develop innovative solutions for national and international organizations.
We are expanding and offering opportunities to work with a variety of programming languages.
Go beyond
If you are fluent in English, you can be allocated to foreign companies, working online wherever you are.
Discover what it's like to be a Thunder
“A great company with a huge potential to become one of the most important of Brazil in a short time.”

Murillo Vieira, Dev Front-End
Murillo Vieira, Dev Front-End
“A great company with a huge potential to become one of the most important of Brazil in a short time.”

Rafael Pereira, UX/UI Design
Rafael Pereira, UX/UI Design
“The best company I've worked for so far.”

Filipe Botti, Tech Lead React Native
Filipe Botti, Tech Lead React Native
“The catalyst for the realization of ideas, goals and even dreams, whether those of your customers or your employees.”

João Lucas,  Web and Mobile development
João Lucas, Web and Mobile development

Where our developers have worked

It's a match?!
Make your story here.
Seven Steps:
#1 Register on our platform.
#2 Fill out the technical form.
#3 Technical analysis of your personal portfolio or a Seven Apps’ challenge.
#4 Interview with our HR team and IT specialist.
#5 Feedback and Pré-Match
#6 Receive a proposal to work in one of our squads
#7 Kick off meeting and hands on!
Requirements to become a Thunder
Minimum of 3 years of experience
Experience with agile teams
Availability for hiring PJ
We are a company from 'dev' to 'dev'
"This was a phrase I heard from one of the best programmers who has worked at SevenApps and now works at an American company. Our culture is horizontal, where we value each other and seek constant feedback to always improve together. As a dev, I know that our work it's not easy, that's why we pay a salary above the market average, and we review it every semester because we know that this way, everyone stays motivated."

Gabriel Rangel, CEO of SevenApps
Gabriel Rangel
CEO of SevenApps
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